Team-Varygood Members List


A person who supports Varygood-Boy project from behind the scenes. He is in charge of spreading Varygood-Boy to the society and making Varygood-Boy into a job. The function of a servant is to be a bridge between Varygood-Boy and human beings, so to speak.
  • Takafumi Miyasato

    Saikai Creative Company CEO, Saikai-city City Manager

  • E.S.Otabe

    Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology

  • Yusei Hyodo

    YouLib, Inc. CEO. Enginieer.

  • Mio Hoshino

    Saikai Creative Company VPoE


A person who designs and develops Varygood-Boy. He is able to realize BARIGUDDOUN that you would like to have or that would be convenient to have, with his instantaneous power and special ability.
  • Sohshi Otabe


  • Haruto Ikehara

    Engineer of Saikai Creative Company, Student of Nagasaki university

  • Soma Nishino

    Software Engineer

  • Tetsuichiro Murata

    Software Engineer

  • Kodai Takano

    Data Scientist

  • Tsujimoto Takato

    Engineer, Odabe Laboratory, Kyushu Institute of Technology

  • Shunsuke Hashiguchi

    AI Engineer

  • Ryutaro Kimura

    Software Engineer


People who create new Varygood-Boy designs. People who explore art with Varygood-Boy. Transform BARIGUDDOUN into something attractive with character/product/space design skills.
  • Kenta Yamada

    Saikai Creative Company, CDO

  • Shogo Otomo

    Media Artist

  • Hayashi Minao

    Designer, illustrator