VARYGOOD University
VARYGOOD University

Overcoming future population decline

About VARYGOOD University

We are a DAO community that fosters and researches VaryGood-Boy'(AI) to solve the problem of population decline.

VARYGOOD University(VGU) is that exists on the meta of a new era of technology, design, and educational research through the development of application called `VaryGood-Boy` to realize a society that can survive even if the population decreases.

VaryGood-Boys, which performs various tasks such as text transcription, translation, e-commerce and on behalf of humans.


  • Find the AI innovations to be used for working in place of humans.

  • Connect the APIs with VaryGood-Boy that is work on LINE or discord or so on.

  • Provide VGB (AI) to government that are easier to use.


Our community is made of engineers, designers, artists, citizens, business leaders, and others in a variety of roles.

Members are called by fantastic names such as `knight` and `wizard` in this community.

Strength of our team is its technical capabilities. And we are composed of a multinational team.

From Day 1, we are developing with a global agenda in mind.

We will operate DAO to provide solutions to the world from Japan, an advanced nation facing the challenges of a declining population.

If you would like to join us, press this link and join our Discord!


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Team-Varygood Members List
  • Takafumi Miyasato

    Saikai Creative Company CEO, Saikai-city City Manager

  • E.S.Otabe

    Professor, Kyushu Institute of Technology

  • Yusei Hyodo

    YouLib, Inc. CEO. Enginieer.

  • Kenta Yamada

    Saikai Creative Company, CDO

  • Mio Hoshino

    Saikai Creative Company VPoE

  • Sohshi Otabe


  • Haruto Ikehara

    Engineer of Saikai Creative Company, Student of Nagasaki university

  • Soma Nishino

    Software Engineer

  • Tetsuichiro Murata

    Software Engineer

  • Kodai Takano

    Data Scientist

  • Shogo Otomo

    Media Artist

  • Tsujimoto Takato

    Engineer, Odabe Laboratory, Kyushu Institute of Technology

  • Hayashi Minao

    Designer, illustrator

  • Shunsuke Hashiguchi

    AI Engineer

  • Ryutaro Kimura

    Software Engineer