Where Now Varygood-Boy

What is "Where Now Varygood-Boy"?

You can easily meet up with your friends on LINE!
If you add Where Now Varygood-Boy to a group on LINE, you can see where everyone is on the map!
Your location is only shared while the map is open, so no worries!

Key Points

  • You can see where they are at a glance!
  • When you open the map, the location of the group members will be displayed.
  • Your location will not be shared unless you open the map.

How to use

1. Add "Where Now Varygood-Boy" as a friend on LINE.
2. Add "Where Now Varygood-Boy" to the group with people you want to meet up with.
3. Message "ばりぐっどくん" on the chat where "Where Now Varygood-Boy" is, and the current location of the person viewing the map will be displayed on the map.

Icons of people who have the map open in real time will be shown with a green frame.
Icons of people who do not have the map open are displayed with a gray frame, and their location is not the current location.