Answeing Varygood-Boy

What is "Answering Varygood-Boy"?

In Answering Varygood-Boy, AI will answer your questions or What you tell.
Send simple questions, casual tweets, or anything you want to know via talk, and Answering Varygood-Boy will give you the answers.
Even for complicated questions that do not have correct answers, the AI will find the answer immediately.
For example.
"I want to be a soccer player in the future. What should I do to win the World Cup?"
"What would be a great gift for about 1,000 yen?"
"What is a dinner menu that is easily digestible?"
Please ask Varygood-Boy like this.
Let's talk with Varygood-Boy about various topics.
However, there is no guarantee that the AI's answer is truly correct.


  • It answers complicated questions that are hard to search on the internet!
  • Feel free to ask anything to the AI partner!
  • You can have a long conversation with it and it will be a good companion for you!

How to use

1. Register Answering Varygood-Boy as a friend on LINE.
2. Send a text message to Varygood-Boy about what you want it to answer on the talk screen.
3. Wait for a while and you will get an answer.