Portrait Varygood-Boy

What is "Portrait Varygood-Boy"?

Send Varygood-Boy photos and it will remember your face and make a portrait of you!
AI artist will remember your face and draw your portrait. You can choose a theme from illustration style, ukiyoe style, and more!

Key Points

  • Cool illustrations that look a lot like you!
  • AI drew a picture just for you!
  • Generate high quality pictures on line in no time.
  • Fun themes to choose from, such as baby style!

How to use

1. Register portrait Varygood-Boy as a friend on LINE.
2. Purchase a ticket.
3. Send at least 5 photos of the person you want portrayed to Varygood-Boy on the talk screen.
4. Select a theme, gender, etc. and send your request.
5. Wait for about 20 minutes and you will receive a completion notification. Your portrait is ready!