BGM Gacha Varygood-Boy

What is "BGM Gacha Varygood-Boy"?

Tap the "BGMガチャをする" menu and wait for a while, then you will receive your BGM that the only one in the world!
”Gacha” means capsule toys in which you never know what you will get.
The BGM music file can be downloaded from the laptop application of LINE. If you want to save it on your smartphone, you can save it in the "Keep" function of LINE on your smartphone.

What kind of music you get depends on your luck! Enjoy it like a game!


  • With just one tap, 120 seconds of music can be generated.
  • BGM created by AI just for you!
  • Enjoy it like a game to see what kind of music you will get!

How to use

1. Add "BGM Gacha Varygood-Boy" as a friend on LINE.
2. Tap "BGMガチャをする" menu on the talk screen.
3. Wait for a while and you will receive a 120-second (2 minutes) BGM music file.