Drawing Varygood-Boy

What is "Drawing Varygood-Boy"?

You can easily draw pictures using AI painter "Stable Diffusion" on LINE! English or Japanese!
"The port of Saikai city in Nagasaki prefecture painted by Van Gogh"
"The campus of a university in Iizuka city in Fukuoka prefecture painted by Picasso".
"A picture of an astronaut on a horse", etc.

Send the words that describe the picture you want to draw, and wait for a while, and you'll get a image back!

Key Points

  • Any wish you have for a picture like this will be instantly fulfilled!
  • AI draws a picture just for you!
  • Generate high quality images on line in no time.

How to use

1. Add "Drawing Varygood-Boy" as a friend on LINE.
2. Send words that describe the picture you want to draw to Varygood-Boy on the talk screen.
3. Wait for a while, and you will get a picture of the word you sent.