Grants Search Varygood-Boy

What is "Grant Search Varygood-Boy"?

I'm Varygood-Boy, the Japanese grants finder!
I'll search and tell you the information of Japanese grants you want to know!

Varygood-Boy will tell you information about grants offered by the Japanese government and local governments based on keywords related to the name of the place and the content of the grant.

From the information that Varygood-Boy tells you, you can access "JGrants" (, a grant site operated by the Digital Agency, where you can apply for grants.

Grant Search Varygood-Boy can easily check the subsidies that can help your business.

Key Points

  • I need a little help with the Corona disaster (whether it's a disaster or capital investment). ...... You can quickly find out what subsidies are available for such situations.
  • You can easily find out the subsidies that are available at such times. You can specify keywords with the casual feeling of "I wonder if there are any such subsidies?
  • You can also search for subsidies in the area where you live or work.
  • Search results are displayed as cards in a row, so they are easy to see.

How to use

1. Register Varygood-Boy as a friend on LINE.

Send the keywords of the grant you want to know to Varygood-Boy. You can specify only one keyword.

3. Wait for a while.

4. Varygood-Boy will send you the grant information. Tap "View details" button, and you will receive the detailed information of the grant and the link to the JGrants site.


Portrait Varygood-Boy
Portrait Varygood-Boy

Portrait Varygood-Boy

Send Varygood-Boy your photos and it will remember your face and make a portrait of you!

Answeing Varygood-Boy
Answeing Varygood-Boy

Answeing Varygood-Boy

In Answering Varygood-Boy, AI will answer your questions or What you tell.

Portrait Higher Resolution Varygood-Boy
Portrait Higher Resolution Varygood-Boy

Portrait Higher Resolution Varygood-Boy

Portrait High Resolution Varygood-Boy. High image quality can be achieved by specializing in photos with people's faces in them.

Typing Varygood-BoyTyping Varygood-Boy

Typing Varygood-Boy

You can practice typing with Varygood-Boy.

Carbon Footprint Varygood-BoyCarbon Footprint Varygood-Boy

Carbon Footprint Varygood-Boy

Just answer a simple questionnaire on Varygood-Boy and it will tell you your annual CO2 emissions.

BGM Gacha Varygood-Boy
BGM Gacha Varygood-Boy

BGM Gacha Varygood-Boy

BGM Gacha Varygood-Boy will take out the BGM music from Gacha(like capsule toys)!