HIRAGANA Varygood-Boy

What is "HIRAGANA VaryGood-Boy"?

If you are studying Japanese or have trouble with Kanji, HIRAGANA VaryGood-Boy will help you!
HIRAGANA VaryGood-Boy reads characters from a photo and converts all of them into Hiragana.
Take a picture of the text that you want to convert into hiragana and send it to Talk, and you can get hiragana all of it.
There is no need to worry about anyone else seeing the file you sent or the hiraganaized text.

Key Points

・The characters on the paper can be changed to hiragana!
・Just take a picture and it becomes hiragana!
・It doesn't have to be a photo. Messages sent to talk can also be converted to hiragana!

How To Use

  1. Make friends with HIRAGANA VaryGood-Boy on LINE application.
  2. Send a photo or message you want to hiragana in your chat.
  3. Wait for about 3 seconds, and the all characters will be converted to hiragana and reply to you.


  • Yusei Hyodo

    YouLib, Inc. CEO. Enginieer.

  • Mio Hoshino

    Saikai Creative Company VPoE


Illustlation Varygood-Boy
Illustlation Varygood-Boy

Illustlation Varygood-Boy

It's an account specialized in illustrations! Illustlation Varygood-Boy!

Shiritori Varygood-Boy
Shiritori Varygood-Boy

Shiritori Varygood-Boy

Shiritori Varygood-Boy, You can enjoy Shiritori in your spare time with Varygood-Boy.

Where Now Varygood-BoyWhere Now Varygood-Boy

Where Now Varygood-Boy

I'm Where Now Varygood-Boy! You can easily meet up with your friends on LINE! If you add Where Now Varygood-Boy to a group on LINE, you can see where everyone is on the map!

Grants Search Varygood-BoyGrants Search Varygood-Boy

Grants Search Varygood-Boy

Hey, I'm Grant Search Varygood-Boy! Grant Search Varygood-Boy gives you information on grants offered by the Japanese government and local governments based on keywords related to the name of the place and the content of the grant.

Drawing Varygood-Boy
Drawing Varygood-Boy

Drawing Varygood-Boy

You can easily draw pictures using AI painter "Stable Diffusion" on LINE! Please send words that describe the picture you want to draw to Varygood-Boy on the talk screen.

Saikai Mikan VarygoodkunSaikai Mikan Varygoodkun

Saikai Mikan Varygoodkun

We will diagnose the perfect Saikai mandarin orange for you! Relax and enjoy!