What is "KATAKANA VaryGood-Boy"?

If you are studying Japanese or have trouble with Kanji, KATAKANA VaryGood-Boy will help you!
KATAKANA VaryGood-Boy reads characters from a photo and converts all of them into Katakana.
Take a picture of the text that you want to convert into katakana and send it to Talk, and you can get katakana all of it.
There is no need to worry about anyone else seeing the file you sent or the katakanaized text.

Key Points

・The characters on the paper can be changed to katakana!
・Just take a picture and it becomes katakana!
・It doesn't have to be a photo. Messages sent to talk can also be converted to katakana!

How To Use

  1. Make friends with KATAKANA VaryGood-Boy on LINE application.
  2. Send a photo or message you want to katakana in your chat.
  3. Wait for about 3 seconds, and the all characters will be converted to katakana and reply to you.