Text-to-speech Varygoodkun

What is "Text-to-speech Varygoodkun"?

When you don't have time to read through a document slowly, or when you want someone to read out loud to you, "Text-to-speech Varygoodkun" is useful.

When you send text information of documents or images that contain characters, "Text-to-speech Varygoodkun" will send you a voice reading out the characters.

Moreover, if the text is in English, it will read it with English pronunciation and intonation.

Supported languages are English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese!

Key Points

  • When you can't read small letters or have trouble seeing the words, you can have Varygoodkun read them aloud to you.
  • You can read materials while driving, doing housework, or when you can't take your hands off the wheel.
  • It also works as an AI announcer.
  • It is also ideal for learning by listening.

How to use

1. Register "Text-to-speech Varygoodkun" as a friend on LINE.

2. Select the language you want to read out loud from the rich menu.

3. Send an image or text message you want to read out to Varygoodkun on the talk screen.

Wait for about 3 seconds, and the voice file will be returned.

The voice file will be automatically deleted after a certain period of time, so please save the necessary data as soon as possible.